Micro Hydro Power Project


After 17 years, in the field of energy conservation of fossil fuels, Abhitech has decided to cater into renewable and non-renewable energy business.

After detailed survey of the hydro power available in the country, it is found that there is a lot of in-depth energy in the flowing water. There are lots of suppliers in the field of mega hydro power projects, with availability of a high-head (naturally available or man-made) huge amount of electricity is produced from hydro power. However, Abhitech has taken a different route and tied up with a world renowned University i.e. Brno University, Czech Republic, for generation of electricity, with low water heads (2-3 meters). The specially designed Turbine to operate at higher efficiency with low head, is the art of technology Abhitech has achieved, with the cooperation of Brno University. Some of the projects presently under implementation in various parts of the country, will involve a supply of 25 KW of electricity per Turbine. Abhitech is mainly working on the BOT concept (Build, Operate & Transfer) to build confidence to its customers for micro hydro power. The Demo Units will be soon installed, and will be available for display soon.

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